How to Grill Perfect Barbecue Sausages

How to Grill Perfect Barbecue Sausages

Sausages are one of those things which are part and parcel of a barbecue. People expect to see them there just as they expect burgers, chicken and salad. Often seen (wrongly) as a food for kids or as a cheap filler for padding out a meal, sausages today come in so many styles and flavours that they’ve really earned their stripes as a gourmet meat.

Many sausages come in such delicately spiced and flavoured packages that they’re good enough to form the main part of any meal. So forget the terrible, cheap and nasty versions of yesteryear and catch up on some of the latest and best methods of cooking barbecue sausages with panache. The charred and blackened sausages that you will have no doubt encountered at many a barbecue needn’t form part of your barbecue repertoire if you’re willing to branch out a little and learn a few tricks!


Pre-cooking your sausages slightly is a good way to ensure that they end up cooked right through without becoming blackened on the outside and poaching is one of the best ways to manage this. Poaching, I hear you ask? Who on earth poaches sausages? Anyone who wants a well cooked banger with a good colour that’s who! Cooking your sausages slightly before you place them on the grill ensures that they’re tender inside and that the majority of the cooking is done before they encounter the sizzling heat of the grill.

Place them in a saucepan of bubbling water for 5 minutes and then throw them on the grill until they’ve nicely browned. You’ll have a perfectly cooked and beautiful to behold sausage.

Another style of pre-cooking is to fry sausages on a low heat in a pan before throwing them onto the grill; just remember that the pan needs to be on a very low heat.

Going straight for the grill

If you don’t want to bother about pre-cooking your sausages then there are certain tricks you can employ and ensure great sausages cooked on the grill. The first tip is to remove the sausages from the fridge at least 30 minutes before you cook them. This allows the meat to “warm up” evenly and cook evenly too. Take the links apart and lightly cover each sausage in a little oil.

When you add the sausages to the hot grill, remember that the centre section is the hottest and be sure to avoid this part! You need to keep your sausages to the outer portion of the grill in order to avoid charring them. Keep them moving, regularly flipping them so that they cook evenly. Don’t wander off leaving them to burn.

What to serve them with

Sausage sandwiches have always been a popular option, but if you want to fancy them up a little, choose very good bread. Crusty batches or Ciabattas, served with a selection of roasted vegetables or fresh salads and relishes is the right way to go.

Cooking sausages well is a matter of pride, and there’s simply no excuse for burned offerings!

If you fancy trying something different with your sausages, here’s a whole host of tasty sausage recipes.

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